Beijing Wallet de Luxe Keycordbag-set L, Brown Eco Leather

Brand : Label 88
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€ 70,00
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The Beijing Wallet de Luxe keycordbag-set L consists of a Keycord (lanyard) L and the Beijing Wallet de Luxe keycordbag.

The Beijing Wallet the Luxe Keycordbag, as the name suggests, can also be used without a keycord as a wallet or small clutch. At the front is a hidden zipper pocket that easily fits a mobile phone. The large compartment has 2 compartments for bank cards at the back.

The Beijing Wallet de Luxe has, just like all other Beijing bags, a leather stopper at the beginning and the end of the rist, coupe seams which makes the bag slightly larger and sturdy long pullers.

  • The bag is 20 cm wide and 12 cm high.
  • Horizontal zipper pocket.
  • A Beijing XS fits in, handy for small change, for example.
  • Like all other Beijing keycordbags, it can be attached to a keycord via the ring of the zipper.
  • Made of tough eco friendly leather with a matte finish.


Keycord L is a tough round braided leather lanyard about 68 cm long

  • The leather keycord can be worn crossbody
  • The plaiting of the keycord is made by hand
  • Made of tough eco friendly leather with a matte finish


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