Label•88 Eco

Label•88 | Eco

Label•88 we all know about the tough keycord bag, the hand-woven keycord and the small bags and clutches.

Eco is new !!! But what does this Eco mean? Label•88 Eco stands for environmentally friendly leather, leather that has been processed without chemicals but with natural materials. In a tannery that is very progressive, not only by blowing new life into this old craft. No, also by how the tannery cares for its environment and the people who work in the tannery.

Label•88|Eco Keycordbags

Beijing M en Keycord Studs M, Brown Eco Leather
€ 54,00
Beijing Pocket Keycordbag set S, Black Croco Eco Leather
€ 54,00
Berlin XL Bag, Black Croco Eco Leather
€ 160,00
Dublin XL Zipper Bag, Black Eco Leather
€ 98,00
Keycord M, Black Leather
€ 28,00