Label•88 Tough Environment friendly leather keycordbags, keycords and bags!
New !!! Label•88 goes Eco!

Label•88 we all know of the tough leather keycordbags, the hand-woven keycord and the small bags and clutches.

Eco stands for environmentally friendly leather. Leather that is tanned without chemicals but with natural materials.
Label•88 and Eco together make Label•88|Eco. Tough, beautiful products made from sustainable, environmentally friendly leather.

Below are some features of environmentally friendly leather;

Processed in a natural way without chemicals.
Colored with natural materials such as leaves, tree bark and branches of trees and plants.
Has unique color nuances.
Has a tough look.
In the beginning a nice touch.
Has a sweet, wood-like smell.
High quality.
Will be even better in use
Easy to maintain

Of course Label•88|Eco is not only about the products that are made from environmentally friendly leather. No! In addition to environmentally-friendly leather, we aim for top quality products that are produced under good conditions. Items with a story where user-friendliness and a long life for an affordable price are at the top of the list. All collections are created with love and connect well together which makes that all items can be combined and you can use your favorite bag with a new look every season.

Latest news from Label 88
New website
As you maybe can see Label 88 has a new website. What's new about is, is that the webshop is also in English just to make it easier to do the worldwide shipping.