What starts 2008, in the bustling metropolis "Shanghai", as a search for a simple beautiful leather bag turns into a brand with a vision, Label 88.

Because the search for that one bag, the idea came to have the bag made. However, it did not stay with one bag, it became sample collection! Soon the trend was set and the Label 88 clutches, bags and keycordbags were sold at many bazars and home sales. Especially the Keycordbag became a big hit!

Now almost 10 years later, Label 88 stands for top quality leather bags, which are produced in an environmentally friendly way and under good conditions. Every item has a story, are easy in use and have affordable prices.

All collections are created and made with love.

Latest news from Label 88
New website
As you maybe can see Label 88 has a new website. What's new about is, is that the webshop is also in English just to make it easier to do the worldwide shipping.